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  • Wish To Buy Industrial Sewing Machine

    Dear Sir We are importers, wholesalers, of Baby walkers, baby tricycles, Cloth dryer racks, Industrial and domestic sewing machine, fountain Pens, Ball pents, Pen refil, and Pad Locks of all types, looking for reputable manufacturer from Taiwan that can export their goods to us in large volume because we intend to represent their firm in our country.

  • Led panel light ceiling lamp edge side lighting with plate panels 2ft square shape fixture

    LED panel light is a perfect replacement for traditional fluorescence tubes that are often used with suspended ceilings. LED panel light utilizes the high power LED for practical solution to general overhead room and office lighting.   LED panel light is a brand new product which is based on LED Light for commercial lighting and home lighting. With unique design, LED panel light can be hanged on the roof (suspended) or surface mounted to the walls or on the surface of other objects(embedded, recessed). It is also great for decorative lighting.   The material of lylight led sidelights is aluminum and PC cove, The LED Panel Light has been designed to retrofit existing fluorescent ceiling light installations, thereby reducing maintenance and energy expenditures - and as an energy saving light source for new fixtures and installations. Installation can be suspended, recessed or surface mounted

  • waste plastic pelletizing making machine granulating line

    pecifications Waste plastic pellet making machine  1. High efficiency  2. Easy operation  4.High quality  5. Multifunctional FEATURES  1-air-cooling hot face pelletizing system 2-Double screw extruder for plastic 3-for PP filler masterbatch 4-kinds of models    Waste plastic granulator mainly for PP, PE plastic film (PP/PE film, PP/PE plastic bags, PE  plastic film mulching films shed, PP woven bag bag tons of cement bags, PP nonwoven) cleaned to granulation , make plastic granularis appearance, the pellet full, even and without porosity, suitable for all kinds of waste plastic regeneration granulation recycling

  • 4RT Vacuum Rubber Molding Press Machine,Xincheng Yiming Vacuum Rubber Molding Press

    Product Name: 4RT Vacuum Rubber Press,300T Vacuum Rubber Molding Press, 300T 4RT Vacuum Rubber Press, 4RT Vacuum Rubber Press Machine Keywords: 4RT Vacuum Rubber Press, 300T Vacuum Rubber Molding Press, 300T 4RT Vacuum Rubber Press, 4RT Vacuum Rubber Press Machine 4RT Vacuum Rubber Molding Press 4RT Vacuum Rubber Hydraulic Press 4RT Vacuum Rubber Plate Vulcanizer 4RT Vacuum Rubber Forming Machine Applicable Products: Suitable for 3 or 4 layers and products need top of mold. Features: **The 4RT surpasses the traditional top opening mold that can be used for taking out the final product when there are triple or four mold plates with the design of opening mold, pushing out the mold in between, loading the bottom mold, lowering the mold in between, and rising hood hit the final production. Manufacturer: Qingdao Xincheng Yiming Rubber Machinery Co.,Ltd. Non - standard size can be based on customer requirements for the machine to re design and production. The main components of the use of foreign famous brands, the quality is absolutely assured.Run no noise, provide a good working environment for rubber products vulcanized workers.All kinds of human nature of the design details of the manufacturers are highly responsible for the user. Payment: 100% T/T Transportation: by vessel. Packaging: tensile membrane rust prevention and moisture treatment. Installation and debugging: can help the customer site installation and commissioning.

  • Jaw Plate And Liner

    Our company specialized manufacturing mining machinery parts and equipments. Our products can be divided into 6 parts: A. Ball Mill Gear Parts: gear ring, small gear, end cap, shell, liner and etc. B. Rotary Kiln Parts: gear ring, small gear, support roller, girth gear bearing, kiln tyre and etc. C. Crusher Spare Parts: jaw plate, liner, hammer, crushing cone, cone bushing, shell bushing, girth gear bearing, bevel gear and etc. D. Power Shovel Parts: gear, slewing ring, drive gear, pulley, front wall, back wall, base plate, truck frame, truck shoe, lever, bottom hinge, lifting drum and etc. E. Steel Mill Parts: casting steel slag pot, casting iron slag pot, welding slag pot and etc. F. Slewing Products: slewing ring and slew drive. We want to become your reliable partners and bring you convenience and benefits. E: tielinhill (at)

  • Nails/Screw & Perforated Steel Band

    NO CHINA ORIGIN PLS !! MAINLANDER PLS DON'T OFFER IS !!! Drywall Fine Thread Bugle Flat Head Phillips Drive Sharp Point Tempered Screw Drywall Coarse Thread Bugle Flat Head Phillips Drive Sharp Point Tempered Screw Self- Tapping Fine Thread Pan Framing Head Phillips Drive Sharp Point Tempered Screw Wood Self Tapping Coarse Thread Countersunk Flat Head Phillips Drive Sharp Point Tempered Screw Self- Drilling Fine Thread Truss Head Phillips Drive Self Drilling Point Tempered Screw Fully Threaded Metric (DIN975) Rod Common Nail Finishing Nail Spiral Shank (Helically Threaded) Nail Perforated S/S#304 Metal Band with Shinny Zinc Plated Pls contact us Via email for Full details and our RFQ !!!!!

  • Haiwei Is Looking For Wines

    There is a rapidly increasing wine demand in China. But many wineries feel confused that how to enter China quickly and effectively without any risk?   Many of them select the traditional trading model. They sell their wines to the importers in China. And the importers sell its wines to the next buyer. The next buyer to his next. After many sells and buys, its wines eventually arrive at the consumers. Eventually the cost are very high and most consumers can't afford it.   Another brand new way can greatly improve the price quality of imported wines. Wineries can cooperate with Haiwei Liquor Trading Market, which is the only legal wine trading platform in China. By Haiwei, after wines arriving at China port, Haiwei will keep them in its FTZ warehouses, and then directly distribute them to Haiwei's outlet centers throughout China, and then consumers can buy and taste immediately. Haiwei has a strict control over the direct-selling link, which keep the original wine quality and greatly improve its price quality.

  • Bluetooth V4.0 Wireless Speaker

    Model No.: HX-2402   Product Features: 1) Bluetooth V4.0 2) A2DP, AVRCP support 3) Playing time: about 5 hours 4) Wireless range: 10 meters 5) Material: ABS+ aluminum 6) Accessories: 3.5mm audio cable*1, USB charging cable*1 7) Line in: Support 8) Product Size: OD70*240 mm

[رنكينغ] حارّة

Exhibiting Scope 1.Plate metal, Bar, Wire, Steel Rope , Metal Processing a...

06/28/2017 - 06/30/2017
44th China International Beauty EXPO

03/09/2016 - 03/11/2016