Dongguan City Qwire Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd

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Dongguan City Qwire Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd
[كمبني ينفورمأيشن] QWIRE is a high-technology company which concentrates on self-researching, designing, producing, selling digital accessories and power charge etc., we always take the pursuing customers’perfect experience for start point, and producing series special products.
There’s high reputation from customers for QWIRE products, the company has established long-stable cooperation with kinds of Internet seller, retailer and terminal agency.
QWIRE wins the trust and approval from many consumers and customers by its colorful products and firm quality.
QWIRE pursues actual quality and practicability, always makes the same step with technology, keeps designing fashionable and pretty products.
Our faith is: Link With heart. QWIRE is deserve to possess!
عمل نوع تصدير,صناعة,بيع بالجملة,[أم/ودم],بالتفصيل
منتوجات رئيسيّة Wires, Cables & Cable Assemblies/n.e.s., Wiring Accessories/n.e.s., Cable Markers
منتوج الكلمة المفتاح Cable,Earphone,Power line,Power charge,Data line