Linyi Yasheng Mechanical And Electril Co., Ltd

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  • بلد/منطقة: الصين (برّ رئيسيّ)
  • محافظة: [شندونغ]
  • مدينة: [ليني]
  • [كنتكت برسن]: Mr. david
  • [تل]: 86-539-8221997
  • فاكس: 86-539-8221997
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  • Linyi Yasheng Mechanical And Electril Co., Ltd
  • Linyi Yasheng Mechanical And Electril Co., Ltd
  • Linyi Yasheng Mechanical And Electril Co., Ltd
[كمبني ينفورمأيشن] Covering 130, 000 square meters, with 8, 000 square meters building area, Linyi Yasheng Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd is located in the important Lu southern city, Linyi, who is famous for its convenient logistics and flourishing trade. Yasheng’s products cover six series and over 30 varieties including garden machinery, tea garden management machinery, plant protection machinery, pumps, generators and engines. It is capable of producing over 20, 000 machines per year, with a distribution network of hundreds of distributors throughout 21 provinces, 5 autonomous regions and 3 municipalities over the country.
The company shoulders the responsibility of revitalizing national industry. Standing on China land, Yasheng has a great passion on agriculture, forestry and grassland farming and is active in technology innovation. To bring national industry to a new level, we are working hard to build a national brand of Yasheng Quality. It is believed by Yasheng people that an outstanding company should be willing to shoulder its social responsibility. Thus at the very beginning of the company’s establishing, we have been strictly abiding by all the laws and regulations. In return, we obtained the first National Industrial Product Manufacture License in 1998, passed China National Compulsory Product Certification in the first batch in 2003. Furthermore, we obtained ISO9000 Quality System Certification, which makes our quality management work more systemic. Since 2008, our 12 products have successively passed the provincial and national extension testing and been enlisted in the National Extension Catalogue. Our products have got government financial allowance in more than 20 provinces. And we have passed all the national and provincial quality spot check. Due to our customers’ satisfaction with our products and service, we have also been honored as Customer Satisfied Unit of Shandong Province.
Inheriting Mencius’ famous belief of benevolence and righteousness, Yasheng people cherish friendship very much. Friends from circles are welcome to join us and develop together.
عمل نوع تصدير,صناعة,بيع بالجملة,[أم/ودم],خدمة,بالتفصيل
منتوجات رئيسيّة Snow Blowers, Leaf Blowers, Hedge Trimmers
منتوج الكلمة المفتاح engine blower,chain saw,brush cutter,earth augers,tea plucker
يؤسّس داخل 1997
تقنين تصديق CE SGS
تصدير نسبة مئويّة 90%
[إإكسبورت مركت] إفريقيا,أوروبا,آسيا,وسط شرقيّ,أمريكا شماليّ,[أسنيا],وسط وأمريكا جنوبيّ
رأس مال US$ 1,000,000 ~ 5,000,000