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  • بلد/منطقة: تايوان
  • مدينة: تينان
  • [كنتكت برسن]: Mr. Mr. Chen
  • [تل]: 886-6-2569933
  • فاكس: 886-6-2563300
[بووكمرك] & سهم:
[كمبني بروفيل]
[كمبني ينفورمأيشن] Established in Tainan, Taiwan in 1984, Hung Yueh Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been specializing in producing plastic Cosmetic Packaging Product and Makeup Accessories for over 26 years.
With Injection Molding Technology and diverse supply, Hung Yueh Enterprise Co., Ltd. can shorten the delivery time and meet customers' need of developing new production line.
With over 25 years of molding experience, Hung Yueh Enterprise Co., Ltd. is professional Molding
OEM Supplier domestically and has been secured lots of
patent intellectual property certification by Ministry from
Economic Affairs. Our production plant equipped with mold
design, plastic molding machine, powder puff machine, eye
shadow molding machine, brush machine, bronzing machine,
printing machine and bolting machine, promptly and
convenient service are guaranteed to our customers. High
quality production processes, strict quality control and
developing new technology for individual customers are our
main principle.
Customers? satisfaction, products quality and promptly
delivery are our main standard to satisfy customer needs.
Since Hung Yueh Enterprise Co., Ltd. is very confident with
its product quality, providing high quality product with
superior quality and competitive price to meet customers'
needs is guaranteed to our customers.
Taiwan Made Air Pad Foundation Palette
Refill Pressed Jar
Face Paint Palette
Disposable Eye Shadow and Lip Palette
Elastic Telescopic Pen
Foundation Palette
Brush Cleaner Box
Supplementary Water-Absorbent Sheet
Mini Glitter Jar
Large Glitter Jar
Rotate Stick Foundation
عمل نوع تصدير,صناعة,[أم/ودم]
منتوجات رئيسيّة Cosmetic Containers, Makeup Tools/n.e.s., Powder Puffs
منتوج الكلمة المفتاح Cosmetic Container,Cosmetic Case,Makeup Container,Makeup Case,LotionContainer
يؤسّس داخل 1984
[إإكسبورت مركت] إفريقيا,أوروبا,آسيا,وسط شرقيّ,أمريكا شماليّ,[أسنيا],وسط وأمريكا جنوبيّ    
[نو.] من [توتل ستفّ] 11 to 20
[كمبتيتيف دفنتج] بئر و [هيغقوليتي] تحكّم,زبونة تصميم وعلامة تجاريّة مرحّبة,نوبة لأنّ هبات وعلاوات,في تشغيل التصميم