Jiangsu Ruide Slewing Ring Co., Ltd.

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Jiangsu Ruide Slewing Ring Co., Ltd.
[كمبني ينفورمأيشن] Jiangsu Ruide Slewing Ring Co., Ltd. founded in 2004, which specialize in producing slewing bearings and rings in industrial and machinery fields.
Our company has more than 100 employees, including 15 bearing professional technicians. We can produce all kinds of slewing bearings and rings which diameter from 179mm to 4.5 meter. Wide range of products without gear, with external or internal gear, in ball-, roller- or combined form. Ruide slewing bearings and rings are used in engineer and building machine, in harbour cranes, ship deck cranes, truck cranes and construction cranes as well as in excavators, in the offshore technology, and solar energy plants.
Particular design software: make drawings and select type of slewing bearings accurately and expediently.
Expertise always on hand: design, research and development all kinds of standard or nonstandard slewing bearings and rings according to the requirements of our customers.
The competent consultation of the customers, the top quality of the products and the technology innovation in R&D Department in our company. Our slewing bearings and rings production according to ISO9001 2000. We can apply for the product certification from DNV, ABS, GL, etc.
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