Yang Tsun Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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  • بلد/منطقة: تايوان
  • مدينة: [شنغوا]
  • [كنتكت برسن]: Mr. Ming Lu Wong
  • [تل]: 886-4-7113306-Ext
  • فاكس: 886-4-7111785-Ext
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Our company was established in 1983 as a professional manufacturer of scissors; We import Japanese stainless steel material and specialized in processing technology from molding design to development. Our company upholds a professional and responsible attitude, with reasonable prices, exquisite quality, and fast delivery. Most of our customers agree with our quality and acknowledge us as a reliable long-term tool supplier. We have been selling our products worldwide for many years. [ Click for detail ]

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[كمبني نم] Yang Tsun Enterprise Co., Ltd.
[كونتري وف وريجن] تايوان
مدينة [شنغوا]
عنوان 50, Alley 28, Lane 337, Zhang Yuan Rd., Sec. 3
[تل] 886-4-7113306-Ext
فاكس 886-4-7111785-Ext
رمز بريديّ/[بوست كد] 503
[كنتكت برسن] Mr. Ming Lu Wong