Shih Keh Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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  • بلد/منطقة: تايوان
  • مدينة: [كوهسونغ]
  • [كنتكت برسن]: Mr. M. Y. Sher
  • [تل]: 886-7-5210705-6
  • فاكس: 886-7-5219826
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Shih Keh Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1979 situated in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. We are manufacturer and exporter supplying both home and overseas. We are specialized in garment accessories and decorative ornament. Our garment accessories products include ribbons, lace, tailor-made lace, trimming, elastic tape, elastic braid, tassel, Chinese braid and frogs. Due to the market needs, we are striving to expand the usage of our products to meet customer's need. We have developed extensive range of decorative products for many occasions and events as well as home and furnishing decoration; from printing ribbon, Christmas ribbon, birthday ribb... [ Click for detail ]

اتّصل ب [إينفو]
[كمبني نم] Shih Keh Enterprise Co., Ltd.
[كونتري وف وريجن] تايوان
مدينة [كوهسونغ]
عنوان No. 195, Gongyuan 2Nd Rd., Kaohsiung, Taiwan
[تل] 886-7-5210705-6
فاكس 886-7-5219826
رمز بريديّ/[بوست كد] 803
[كنتكت برسن] Mr. M. Y. Sher