Yicheng Technology Co., LTD

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  • بلد/منطقة: الصين (برّ رئيسيّ)
  • محافظة: [غنغدونغ]
  • [كنتكت برسن]: Mr. Alan
  • [تل]: 86-755-36822418
  • فاكس: 86-755-39003422
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Yicheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a high tech company engages in wireless communication equipment development, designing and production. We are committed ourselves into wireless development, Aluminum Nitride(ALN) RF power resistivity products and application for many years. We have well-experienced engineers and are with strong technical power and R&D ability. Our business ranges from industry of electrical power, telecommunication to financial and computer, etc. We put developing, designing, production, selling and installation in integrity and have accumulated rich experiences in the process of providing good quality services to customers... [ Click for detail ]

Yicheng Technology Co., LTD
اتّصل ب [إينفو]
[كمبني نم] Yicheng Technology Co., LTD
[كونتري وف وريجن] الصين (برّ رئيسيّ)
دولة/محافظة [غنغدونغ]
عنوان 3B No. 7Building Guanlida Industrial Park No. 5 Industrial Zone. Shiyan Town Bao'An District Shenzhen
[تل] 86-755-36822418
فاكس 86-755-39003422
رمز بريديّ/[بوست كد] 508109
[كنتكت برسن] Mr. Alan