Huizhou Jiuzhengshang Technologies Co., Ltd.

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  • بلد/منطقة: الصين (برّ رئيسيّ)
  • محافظة: [غنغدونغ]
  • مدينة: [هويزهوو]
  • [كنتكت برسن]: Mr. des
  • [تل]: 86-0752-6811879
  • فاكس: 86-0752-6811876
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Huizhou Jiuzhengshang Technologies Co., ltd specialized in manufacturing and exporting the used clothing, used shoes, used bags and other home consumables for years. With the long-term and reliable raw materials suppliers, there is more than the hundred kinds of the products and rich stocks. We have two sub-factories, which lies in Boluo and Guangzhou. One of them is nearly 6000 square meters, have 4 production lines and 6pcs baler machines. There, we have more than 100 skilled workers, including 10 quality inspectors and several forklift drivers. Our production capacity per month is about 1500 tons and the products mainly export to Africa an... [ Click for detail ]

Huizhou Jiuzhengshang Technologies Co., Ltd.
اتّصل ب [إينفو]
[كمبني نم] Huizhou Jiuzhengshang Technologies Co., Ltd.
[كونتري وف وريجن] الصين (برّ رئيسيّ)
دولة/محافظة [غنغدونغ]
مدينة [هويزهوو]
عنوان No.5,Build,Hechuangli Industrial park ,LvHua South Road,ShangNan District ,YuanZhou BoLuo Town, Hu
[تل] 86-0752-6811879
فاكس 86-0752-6811876
رمز بريديّ/[بوست كد] 516123
[كنتكت برسن] Mr. des