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B Series EGG Receptacle Lemo Connector

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  • بلد/منطقة: الصين (برّ رئيسيّ)
  • محافظة: [غنغدونغ]
  • مدينة: [شنزهن]
  • [كنتكت برسن]: Mrs. Vicky Liu
  • [تل]: 86-755-36604774
  • فاكس: 86-755-27573767
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B Series EGG Receptacle Lemo Connector

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  • [شنزهن] , [غنغدونغ] , الصين (برّ رئيسيّ)
  • RM-EGG-2B-312-CLL
  • Raymo
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  • 03/26/2014

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  • Shenzhen

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Brief introduction
Series B metal circular connectors in many size and outer diameter for different applications are designed to be compatible with Lemo® connector Series B which with a self-latching system for easy operations.
Product details
1. Shell size 00 to size 3(#0, #1, #2, #3);
2. Multi-pole types 2 to 32 contacts;
3. Security of the push-pull self-latching system;
4. Solder, print or crimp contacts (straight or elbow);
5. High packing density for space saving;
6. Many kinds of key options to avoid cross mating of similar connectors;
7. Have 3 kinds of key options (alpha 00, 300, 450, 600)
8. Male contacts and female contacts are made of bronze beryllium and have a gold-plated surface
9. Have brass out shells which have a chrome nickel-plated surface;
10. Insulator used mechanical characteristics of thermoplastics, such as PPS and PEEK
11.360 angle screening for full EMC shielding.
12. Compatible with Lemo® Series B, including FGG, FAG, FHG, EGG, EGA, ECG, ECA, PHG, EPG, EXG. such as:
FGG. 0B. 302. CLAD32z FGG. 0B. 303. CLAD42z FGG. 0B. 304. CLAD52z FGG. 0B. 305. CLAD42
FAG. 0B. 302 FAG. 0B. 303 FAG. 0B. 304 FAG. 0B. 305 FAG. 0B. 306 FAG. 0B. 307
FHG. 0B. 302 FHG. 0B. 303 FHG. 0B. 304 FHG. 0B. 305 FHG. 0B. 306 FHG. 0B. 307
EGG. 0B. 302 EGG. 0B. 303 EGG. 0B. 304 EGG. 0B. 305 EGA. 0B. 302 EGA. 0B. 303
ECG. 0B. 302 ECG. 0B. 303 ECG. 0B. 304 ECG. 0B. 305
ECA. 0B. 302 ECA. 0B. 303 ECA. 0B. 304 ECA. 0B. 305
PHG. 0B. 302 PHG. 0B. 303 PHG. 0B. 304 PHG. 0B. 305 PHG. 0B. 306 PHG. 0B. 307
EPG. 0B. 302 EPG. 0B. 303 EPG. 0B. 304 EPG. 0B. 305 EPG. 0B. 306 EPG. 0B. 307
EXG. 0B. 302 EXG. 0B. 303 EXG. 0B. 304 EXG. 0B. 305 EXG. 0B. 306 EXG. 0B. 307
RAYMO’s high quality connectors are found in a variety of challenging applications and environments including: Automotive, Audio-video, Aviation, Communications, Industrial Control, Information Systems, and Machines, Medical, Military, Test and Measurement, Data Acquisition, Data Transfer Equipment. Module Power, Sensor, Sensor Systems Instrumentation, Analysis Application.
Plug type and receptacle type:
Three types plugs: straight plug, fixed plug, elbow plug
And five types receptacles: fixed receptacle, fixed receptacle with two nuts, free receptacle, elbow receptacle, elbow receptacle with two nuts.
Quantity Per Month: 50000pcs
HS Code: 90319000.90
Delivery Way - Date Of Delivery: 3-20days according to you qtty
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Connector, Lemo Connector, Push Pull Connector, Metal Cricular Connector, Self-Latch Connector
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