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Bussmann Motor High Voltage Fuse

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Bussmann Motor High Voltage Fuse

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  • 08/14/2013

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  • shippment Ning Bo
  • 3 PCS a carton

[برودوكت سبسفيكأيشن] / سمات

1. Fuse Applications
H. V HRC current-limiting fuses type W for motor protection is mainly used in AC 50Hz, rated voltage 3.6-10KV, rated current up to 400A(3.6KV), 224A(7.2KV) circuit for protecting motor and power equipment from overload and short-circuit. It can also be used with load switch, vacuum contact.
It conforms to IEC282-1, IEC644, BS and GBI 15166.2.
2. Fuse Design Features
W type H. V HRC current-limiting fuses has two installation: bus-bar installation and insert installation. It is small in volume, reliable in cinnection. the power striker parallels to the fuse element made from pure silver. They are sealed, in the fuse tube filled with chemically treated high-purity quartz sand. the fuse tube is made from heat resistant, high duty ceramic or epoxy glass. When fault circuit happens, the fuse link melts, the high-resistant metal wire paralleling to fuse links melts immediatedly at the appearamce of the arc, and the striker jumps out to push the chained equipment contact, signaling the melting or automatically cutting the circuit.
W type H. V HRC current-limiting fuses has many merits as high current-limiting ability, high breaking capacity, quick and punctual in action, reliable in performance.
Quantity Per Month: 10000 PCS
Patent No./Country: ZL200920120830.2/China
Delivery Way - Date Of Delivery: as required
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