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  • 6AP1
  • RoHS, REACH Please request for relevant certificates and reports when appropriate.
  • 12/13/2013

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TOPRO 6AP1 series of thermal protectors were developed after Klixon 6AP to operate in wide temperature and current ranges, while providing consistent performance characteristics and excellent reliability at MUCH LOWER prices. The 6AP1 operates as a sensitive power cut-out and is widely used in low voltage DC motors of automobile accessories, such as Window lift motors, Front and rear wiper motors, Sun roof motors, Adjuster motors, Antenna lift motors, Door lock actuators, Sliding door motors, Electric car seat motors, door-locks and various household electrical appliances Specifically, in perfect and lower-cost replace of imported peers like Sensata 4mm/6mm, PEPI, ISUZU IP405/505, etc., TOPRO 6AP1 finds its wide uses as a protector in: * Window lift motors * Front and rear wiper motors * Sun roof motors * Adjuster motors * Antenna lift motors * Door lock actuators * Sliding door motors * Electric car seat * Vacuum cleaners, Washing machines * Heating devices * Grinders, mixers, electrical tools * Snow wipers and other garden equipments. Why you should be using TOPRO 6AP1 Thermal Protectors in your product: * Miniature size for best installation flexibility. * Individually temperature calibrated and checked. * Positive make and break with TOPRO snap action bimetal disc. * Repeatable temperature performance over life. * Thermal motor protection reacting precisely to both current and temperature * Terminal material provides trouble-free welding and pre-treated for easy wave-soldering * Gasket steel case suitable for many impregnation processes. * Current and temperature sensitivity for maximum design flexibility. * Wide selection of leads and imported Mylar insulating sleeves. * Same side or opposite side terminals. * Strict RoHS environmental standard implemented for each component. * Wide selection of trip off temperatures * Custom configurations available: Electric frequency, current, voltage, open temperature, bimetal type, heater wire material, thickness
Quantity Per Month: 800000PCS
HS Code: 85365000
SIC Code: 367
Delivery Way - Date Of Delivery: Within 7 to 15 days
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