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  • بلد/منطقة: ماليزيا
  • محافظة: Selangor
  • مدينة: Kajang
  • [كنتكت برسن]: Mrs. Qistina
  • [تل]: 115-165-7503
  • فاكس: 115-165-7500
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Camelina Seeds

[برودوكت كتغري] حبّة [برودوكتس/ن.س].
عمليّة بيع طريقة تصدير,صناعة,بيع بالجملة
دفق عبارة [ت/ت],[ل/ك] في جهاز تسديد,Western Union,Western Union
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  • ماليزيا
  • 11/15/2018

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[برودوكت سبسفيكأيشن] / سمات

Camelina Seeds are high in protein, a good source of Omega 3 oils and rich in antioxidants such as vitamin E. Use this seed for quick sprouting, roasting, or added raw to salads or baking mixes.

Camelina has been developed as a crop due to its high oil content, 30-40%, and unique oil properties. The oil is suitable for a variety of food uses and for biodiesel production.

Camelina oil does not deteriorate during refining or storage like linseed (flax) oil or fish oil and can be used in a number of oil based products such as spreads and salad dressings. Camelina oil, unlike linseed and fish oil, is oxidatively stable and palatable.
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Camelina, Camelina Flour, Camelina Grains, Camelina
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