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Sublimation Transfer Shoes Material

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Sublimation Transfer Shoes Material

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  • 04/27/2010

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Sublimation Heat Products is widely used on plastic
products,including gifts,food packing,stationery ect.
specilizing in heat transfer, foil transfer, heat transfer
machines and providing heat transfer processing service. We
can provide glitter transfer, elastic transfer, flock
transfer, sublimation transfer, reflective transfer, puff
transfer, T-shirt transfer, offset transfer, logo/label
transfer and pvc/pu transfer and so on.Sublimation is
different from sreen-printing.It brings patterns bright and
clear, good washable, good fastness, soft as the original
material The process is simple and it is easy to operate.
Frist,place the heat transfer paper on the product's
surface ,then use the foil transfer machine presses on
it.Finally, peel off the foil and then the pattern will be
transferred on the product's surface. Foil transfer
improves product's value and achieves cost-effective. In
addtion,it can be transferred onto final products directly.
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Sublimation Transfer Paper, Transfer Paper
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