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Bathroom Accessories

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  • [شنغوا] , تايوان
  • 06/01/2016

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Solid brass made brush holder

Bulushi  bathroom accessories, Brass material.
not just bathroom series, we can also offer brass door locks for home and bathroom.
Yih Jia who specialized in forging parts for Aluminum & Brass over 27 years.
Our works with 80 well disciplined employees for quality production and control in
Factory total measurement over 5,000 sq. meter to offer OEM & ODM service under
competitive price, just in time delivery and excellent quality.
Yih Jia ISO9001 approved and parts be suit for CE standard and we work for famous
Brand for bike, motorbike, car, door hardware, kitchen hardware etc.
Just feel free to send your drawing for estimating or advise our item no. for quotation, by the way 4 axis CNC be ensure your precision request.