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Vacuum Ceramic Filter

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Ceramic vacuum disc filters are used widely for dewatering iron ore slurries in mining industry. the scale of iron production processes is typically very large which means that small changes in the operation of the filter can have a significant impact on the overall effectiveness of the process. Some of the variables that determine the performance of ceramic disc filters are the rotation speed
of the disc, the level of slurry in the feed basin, the vacuum level applied during the filter cake formation and dewatering stages and the solid concentration as well as the temperature of the feed slurry.
Ceramic vacuum disc filters are used to dewater a wide variety of different kinds of mineral concentrates in the mining industry. the construction and operation principle
of ceramic disc filters are pretty similar to the
conventional disc filters but the difference is that the filter cloths are replaced here by microporous ceramic segments.
Quantity Per Month: 25 sets
HS Code: 84741000
Delivery Way - Date Of Delivery: 45 Days
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