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25T Heavy Forklift Counterbalanced Forklift Diesel Forklift

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25T Heavy Forklift Counterbalanced Forklift Diesel Forklift

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25t heavy Forklift counterbalanced forklift diesel forklift
Model HNF250
Engine: 6CTA8.3-C240 Dongfeng Cummins Engine, low oil consumption, high quality turbocharged engine, good power performance, big torque reserves, has strong power, energy conservation and environmental protection
Steering axle: adopt transverse oil cylinder type steering bridge, full-hydraulic steering, flexible and light, reliable
Transmission & torque convert: imported technology, reliable performance, convenient maintenance, smooth transmission, and convenient operation
Control system: pilot valve control device to make the work efficiency and reduce drivers’ labor intensity
Hydraulic system: double pump confluence, small system flow, low power consumption, reliable performance, excellent operating performance
Pipeline: high pressure oil line use the first brand Parker Oil Tube, impact resistance, wear resistance and long service life
Tyre: sino-us joint brand, resistant to wear and sting, high strength tyres, bear heavy loaded - safe and reliable
Fork: use Cascade Fork, with hydraulic fork positioner, easy operation and reduce drivers’ labor intensity
Mast: box-type internal-external mast, special all-round roller bearings, increase lifting performance
Cab: with air-conditioning and heating, and rupture membrane, explosion proof, heat insulation, prevent glare, sound insulation. Damping luxury cab with sunroof, wide view and comfortable seats, flexible control.
Configuration Model Unit CPCD250
Vehicle configuration HNF-250
Performance Rated load 25000
Load center 1250
Free lift mm 180
Mast tilt angle (front/rear) º 6/12
Overall dimensions Length mm 9115
Width mm 3020
Height mm 3610
Mast lifting height mm 3500
Fork size (L*W*H) mm 2440X280X110
Min. turning radius mm 6500
Max. travel speed (with load) Km/h 28
Lifting speed (with load) mm/s 180
Gradeability (with load) % 20
Weight Kg 32000
Tyre Front 4X14.00-24/28PR
Rear 2X14.00-24/28PR
Wheel tread Front mm 2200
Rear mm 2390
Wheelbase mm 4400
Min. ground clearance mm 250
Engine Model 6CTA8.3-C240
Rated power/rotate speed KW/r. pm 179/2200
Max. torque/rotate speed N. m/r. pm 1029/1500
Delivery Way - Date Of Delivery: 45days
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25T Heavy Forklift, Counterbalanced Forklift, Diesel Forklift
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