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Fog Fan

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  • MH-8353
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  • 09/30/2009

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. The fog fan adopts centrifugal fog system that utilizes
high-speed rotating motor to break up the drop as
diameter of 0.2-0.25 mm
. The powerful fan will below the tiny drop which similar
fogging to the hot air so that the temperature of air can
be dropped immediately
. In general, spraying mist machines are equipped with
expensive pump and nozzle.
. However, our product has overcome this difficult and
improve this product with competitive price.

Special features:
1. Without nozzle and water-filtration, there is no
besetment of blocking nozzle.
2. Without high-pressure pump, there is no need to maintain
and change engine oil.
3. Without filter, there is no need to spend money to
purchase filters.
4. Doesn't need to connect the faucet even though for long
time using.
5. Equipped with no-water power off safety switch.
6. Low electricity consumption.
7. 3 air speed (Low/Min/Hi)
8. Equipped with the wheel below the base, it is easy to

. Diameter of blade: 500 mm
. Height: 164 cm
. Net weight: 16 kg
. Weight with water: 48 kg
. Oscillation: 90∘
. Water consumption/hour: 50HZ: 2650 cc/hour,
60HZ: 4200 cc/hour
. Capacity of water tank: 32 Liter
. Constantly using time: 7-8 hour
. Diameter of fogging drop: 0.2 - 0.25 mm
. Descend of temperature: 4-6℃ (Room temperature
. Input voltage: 110 V/60 HZ, 220 V/50 HZ
. Power consumption: 110 V/60 HZ 175 W, 220 V/50 HZ 140 W
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