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Auto Facial Tissue Making Machine Auto Facial Tissue Box Sealing Machine

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Auto Facial Tissue Making Machine Auto Facial Tissue Box Sealing Machine

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  • AN-42633-5L AN-83228 AN-83646A AN-41633/4L AN
  • A-NEW
  • Steel/Paper Stand, Motor, Embosser, Printer.
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  • 06/15/2018

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A-New Industrial Co., Ltd. is professional manufacture of Tissue Converting Machinery such as Interfold Facial Tissue, Toilet/Kitchen Roll, Paper Serviette Napkin, Pocket Tissue and Packing …etc.
Toilet tissue/Kitchen roll Machine: Designing speed 300M per minute. 
  1. Non stop type: The machine keeps running when tail cutting & gluing sealing. Therefore the speed capacity is more than Stat-Stop type. The operation speed is about 200M/minute.        
  2. Start-stop type: The machine equipped with slitting, good for Jumbo Toilet Roll. The machine will stop rewinding when tail cutting & gluing, so the operation speed is about 120M/minute.
  3. Embosser: Single embosser is popular for toilet, Nestle type embosser (double embosser) with lamination gluing or Point to Point embosser with lamination glue is for Kitchen roll.
  4. Printing device: We can do it against buyer's request.
  5. The paper core feeds automatically & with glue applicator.
  6. Fully automatic production line includes Rewinding Machine, Log Accumulator, Log Cutter & Packing Machine.  Also needs one set of Paper Tube winding machine to do Paper Core for toilet roll.
Interfold Facial Tissue Production line
  1. The production line includes the Interfold facial tissue machine + Log Cutter + Packing Machine.
  2. The operation speed is 100M/minute.  
  3. Embosser: The machine is equipped with single embosser or double embosser with glue lamination is up your choice.
  4. Production procedure: The paper stacks transfer by manual to Log Cutter and then enter to coveyor of packing machine.
  5. There are 2 ways of packing for choice: Film wrapper or Paper Box.  
Paper Napkin Making Machine
  1. Mechanical type of paper Napkin Machine adopt Rotary Head Changeable, it is good to do difference size, just buy extra folder and unnecessary buying more one set of machine.
  2. Mechanical type of paper Napkin Machine is equipped with paper stacks auto separating & transter device join with film wrapping machine as one fully automatic production line.
  3. Vacuum type of Paper Napkin Machine is good for dispenser fold.
  4. Embosser: The machine can set up one set or 2 sets embosser. The high quality of Point to Point Embosser with glue lamination is available also.
  5. Pritng device: 1~3 colors is available.
  6. Optional item: Auto tension controller, Edge Position controller, Impress cylinder engagement & disengament device,  Printing result register.

Paper Towel Machine: There are 2 kind of machine 「C-fold」 or 「Multi fold」 for choice.  It is available too  using Interfold Machine set up nestle embosser or point to point with glue lamination.
Packing Machine: to join with Facial tissue/Toilet Tissue /Serviette Napkin Machine 
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Auto Facial Tissue Machine, Auto Box Sealing Machine, Paper Napkin Machine, Packing Machine, Hand Towel
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