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Auto Production Line For Wallet Type Facial Tissue AN-57120 + AN-82600WP)

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Auto Production Line For Wallet Type Facial Tissue AN-57120 + AN-82600WP)

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  • تايوان
  • AN-57120 + AN-82600WP
  • A-New
  • Steel/Paper Stand, Motor, Embosser, Printer.
  • One Year Guaranty
  • 02/18/2019

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A-NEW is manufacturer and supplier of tissue paper converting machine  and other related processing equipment, specialized in 
 Interfolder Facial tissue machine, Napkin folder M/C (One folder head or Two folde head),
Pocket facial tissue machine, Hanky towel machine, Wet Tissue Making Mahcine (Single pack or muli-tpack), 
Toilet paper/kitchen towel rewinder, Wrapping Packing M/C , Box Sealing Machine  for facial tissue,
Auto production line for Facial Tissue / Napkin Paper / Hand Towel / Hanky Towel  / Pocktet Facial Tisuue / SRT / JRT

Auto Production Line for Pocket Facial Tissue Paper Machine
Model: AN-57120 + AN-82600WP
Pocket Facial Tissue Folding Machine

1.One unit of slitter.
2.One unit embossing device: Steel/Steel roller (Male to Female).
3.Horizontal suction folder.
4.Protector for paper break.
5.Without embosser and printer ( embosser 、printer 、 embosser light and Edge device…and so forth have another expenses.)
6.Timing belt driving.
7.Tap lock component makes maintenance easily.

1.Packing Forming: former 's width and height conform with the substance of contents in package.
2.Packing size: It is essential that the buyer send the raw material to check the height accurately.
3.Film thickness: 0.035~0.05mm Film roll dia.: Max. φ 340mm

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Wet Wipe & Tissue Paper Making Machines, Facial Tissue Paper Machine, Auto Production Line, Wallet Type Facial Tissue
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