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Auto Production Line for Pocket Tissue Machine(AN-57122 + AN-82600)

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  • مدينة: تايبه
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  • فاكس: 886-2-29086355
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Auto Production Line for Pocket Tissue Machine(AN-57122 + AN-82600)

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  • تايوان
  • AN-57122 + AN-82600
  • A-New
  • Steel/Paper stand, motor, embosser, printer.
  • one year guaranty
  • 02/18/2019

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A-NEW Industrial Co. Ltd. is the leading Taiwan manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Tissue Paper Manufacturing Machine. 
We are involved in offering customization in terms of size, design, pattern and color as per the specifications of the clients. 
We ensure the best quality, which is in compliance with global quality principles as our domestic manufacturing unit is installed 
with highly developed machinery to ensure the quality.
Auto Production Line for Pocket Tissue Machine
Model: AN-57122 + AN-82600

1.One unit of slitter.
2.One unit embossing device: Steel/Steel roller (Male to Female).
3.Horizontal suction folder.
4.Tap lock component makes maintenance easily.
5.Automatic tension controller.
6.With inching.
7.With timing belt driving.
8.Alignment and conveying device.

1.Packing Forming: former 's width and height conform with the substance of contents in package.
2.Packing size: It is essential that the buyer send the raw material to check the height accurately
3.Film thickness: 0.035~0.05mm Film roll dia.: Max. φ 340mm

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