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SPA Pedicure Chair

[برودوكت كتغري] [سونا] & منتجع مياه استشفائيّة تجهيز,تدليك كرسي تثبيت,تدليك وسادات
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  • [شنغوا] , تايوان
  • 1566
  • CE
  • 05/07/2019

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  • Taichung
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SPA Pedicure chair with tray is our new design. Massage actions combine kneading and tapping to be a new massage action. Rolling Speed could be adjusted according to your favorite and plus other different massage product that Hsin Hao offers you the best choice.

SPA Pedicure Chair Human nature technical perfect union, "Healthey" the construction bath still comfortable live.
This product could massage neck, shoulder, waist, back to a group of four kneading with the ball, according to Chinese medicine and massage, kneading way to help you humanoid hand massage from the approach of the slow speed adjustment.

You can choose auto or manual mode to run the chair. It's excellent for beauty center or nail shop. Welcome to visit our showroom for the spa chair, we wil introduce you more detail about the spa chair in person and introduce you the good products for you.

* Ergonomic S back and S track robotic back massage.
* 6 massage balls deliver massage actions.
* 2 Spine-remedy rollers purporting posture correction.
* Auto and manual operation.
* Massage action includes kneading, rolling, tapping and tap-kneading.
* Electric motor driven seat frame for moving forward or backward within 120 mm track.
* Armrest can be lifted to 90 degree for free movement.
* Rollers relocation adjustment.


Size: Upright Position:940*860*960 mm
Chair: N.W.:50 kgs
G.W.:58 kgs

Quantity Per Month: 500 sets
Delivery Way - Date Of Delivery: 30 days
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