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JM-8330SK Vacuum SPA Instrument for Facial Exfoliating Equipment

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JM-8330SK Vacuum SPA Instrument for Facial Exfoliating Equipment

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  • الصين (برّ رئيسيّ)
  • JM-8330SK
  • CE.
  • 12/26/2016

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  • نعم
  • نعم
  • ضمن 35 Days
  • 1 Set/CTN
  • ** (cm)

[برودوكت سبسفيكأيشن] / سمات

Vacuum SPA Instrument for Facial Exfoliating Equipment
1. Deep clean
2. Remove old keration
3. Make skin easily absorb nutrition of the product
4. Improve metastasis
5. for exfoliating
Symptoms of lack water:
1. lines
the skin will begin to appear faint lines, become dry, dark and color is uneven
2. pores
Skin feels rough, not smooth, can not keep the natural makeup , large pores, skin easily Appear flushing allergies.
3. serious oil
Severe T zone oil, body dry and skin peeling, skin care products is difficult to absorb.
Vacuum SPA instrument breaking the previous vacuum techniques and hand skills with clean skin way, using a vacuum suction and injection method, deep clean the skin pores, eliminate acne and clogged hair follicles various miscellaneous dirt, and by way of injection of oxygen, so that will improve skin care cream directly absorbed and strengthen skin.
1. High Nano
Hyperbaric oxygen can effectively activate cells, increase skin repair Capabilities, and to promote angiogenesis, the more nutrients Uploaded to the skin cells, making the skin more healthy young. Emerge acne skin is mainly caused by blocked pores, bacteria Infection and endocrine disorders. It can promote anti-ane cream and skin care products deeply into the skin.
Thorough sweep of anaerobe. Accelerate skin repair speed up effective anti acne., balance greasy secrete, prevent the acne and keep the skin wet.
2. Clean Water Circulate:
Clean water circulation flow channel can help extract liquid deep infiltration to the layer in skin. effective penetration to the skin through repeated suction and Injection, so remove all dirt, grease, waste horny, dead skin, acne. and keep skin clean, bright and shiny.
3. Diamond Water Dermabrasion:
It will softly thoroughly remove dead epidermal cells, which allows the bottom of the Skin has a chance to breathe, keeps pores clog-free, and effectively removes excess oil. which help enhance the metabolism and exfoliation of the skin.

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