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  • بلد/منطقة: تايوان
  • مدينة: تينان
  • [كنتكت برسن]: Mr. Chu
  • [تل]: 886-6-2669162
  • فاكس: 886-6-2669477
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D35-OPV4 One-Piece Tube

[برودوكت كتغري] [هير كر] منتوج
عمليّة بيع طريقة تصدير,صناعة,[أم/ودم]
دفق عبارة [ت/ت]
أمر أدنى: 10000 قطعات
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خصوصية المنتج:

  • تايوان
  • D35-OPV4
  • UDN
  • 01/31/2019

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  • ** (cm)

[برودوكت سبسفيكأيشن] / سمات

UDN develops our 3rd generation one-piece tube, which is 63% lighter than a normal tube. (compares to 100ml, flip top cap tube)Through our process technology, we seamlessly inject the integrated cover directly onto the sleeve.Eliminating the extra overlapping connections and threads, we not only reduce the weight but also avoid the accumulation of water in the cover.These feature help make the tube more eye-catching and consumer's life easier.