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Transparent Mask AMW-003

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  • بلد/منطقة: تايوان
  • مدينة: تايبه
  • [كنتكت برسن]: Mr. Yang
  • [تل]: 886-2-66218500
  • فاكس: 886-2-22268505
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Transparent Mask AMW-003

[برودوكت كتغري] ,مطعم [إقويبمنتس/ن.س].,[برسنل هجن] [برودوكتس/ن.س].
عمليّة بيع طريقة تصدير,صناعة,بيع بالجملة,[أم/ودم],خدمة
دفق عبارة [ت/ت],[ل/ك] في جهاز تسديد
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خصوصية المنتج:

  • تايبه جديدة , تايوان
  • AMW-003
  • null
  • 01/31/2013

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  • keelung

[برودوكت سبسفيكأيشن] / سمات

The new transparent mask is elaborately designed based on facial features, and has a certain space between the nose and mouth, so that the wearer can breathe smoothly. mask is made of transparent, non-toxic, tasteless food-grade materials that are environment-friendly, and has good looks and lightweight, and is easy to wear, and can be repeatedly used after being cleaned and disinfected at any time, it is an affordable and comfortable product to wear and easy to carry. HT mask not only effectively separates a variety of invisible pathogens and harmful bacteria, but also abandons the traditional gauze masks with many shortcomings.
Quantity Per Month: 10000
مشترية الكلمة المفتاح:
Transparent Mask, Anti-Saliva, Mask, Reusable, Sanitary Mask
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