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A-1 Facial Lifting Massager Rollers

[برودوكت كتغري] شخصيّة يهيّئ [برودوكتس/ن.س].,جلد [كر/ن.س].
عمليّة بيع طريقة تصدير,صناعة,بيع بالجملة,[أم/ودم],خدمة
دفق عبارة [ت/ت],[ل/ك] في جهاز تسديد
أمر أدنى: 60 قطعات
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  • الصين (برّ رئيسيّ)
  • A-1
  • 08/02/2016

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  • نعم
  • نعم
  • ضمن 40 Days
  • 1 pc/Box
  • ** (cm)

[برودوكت سبسفيكأيشن] / سمات

Facial Lifting Massager Rollers
Two Rollers Face Lifting Massager
Personal Facial Care Massager Rollers
Illustration of Microcurrent
Human skin normally has weak electrical current flowing through it to begin with. This current is thought to be one of the elements that keeps skin appearance firm, resilient and beautiful. It absorbs light through a solar panel and generates a weak electrical microcurrent
that is very similar to the body's own current. Daily treatment with the roller on the surface of your skin affects skin texture, making its appearance supple, shiny and firm.

It is a Three-Dimensional Model Developed
to replicate the techniques of a professional aesthetician Based on the skin pinching and kneading motions of aestheticians,
the device's dual rollers carry out integrated squeezing of the skin, applying excellent pressure while working the areas one is
concerned about.

It provides the appearance of beautiful and firm skin with its deep and smooth squeezing motion.
These double lymphatic drainage rollers, developed on the concept of aesthetic kneading, strongly squeeze and work the skin,
through a wonderfully deep and smooth motion. They can pull on and tighten the appearance of entire body and face after bathing,
when the skin is relaxed.
Since the device makes contact with delicate skin, we've adopted a platinum coating for the entire surface of the rollers.
It's resistant to heat and acidity, and its beautiful shine lasts a long time.

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