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3+ Magi Mags Tape

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  • تايوان
  • P-378
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  • 05/13/2009

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Product Features: *ADHESIVE - BACKED MAGNETIC TAPE Simply tear to desired length and pair 2 pieces against each other, one on the surface to be attached to and the other to the item to be posted.
*Tear Line ALONG THE TAPE Also doubles as ruler
*Featuring . Multiple colour choices. . No cutting tools needed. . Magnetic on one side, adhesive on the other. . Special adhesive applied to smooth surfaces can be removed without traces. . Magnetic pairing can be used on glass, wood, and other non-iron surfaces.
USE . Refrigerators . Filing Cabinets . School Lockers . Munus. Metal Door . Arts & Crafts . Glass or Wood . White Boards . Pictures . Family Notes . Calendars . Children's Artwork . DIY Education Cards . POP & To Do Lists
AWARDEE OF MAJOR INTERNATIONAL INVENTION COMPETIOTONS TW. I 270570 Invention award Global patent under process
Patent No./Country: TW M.292777 Patent Pending in U.S.A, France, Germany, Europe, China, Hongkong, Japan, Korea etc.
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