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3+ Magi Mags Tape

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  • P-378
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  • 05/13/2009

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Product Features:*ADHESIVE - BACKED MAGNETIC TAPESimply tear to desired length and pair 2 pieces againsteach other, one on the surface to be attached to and theother to the item to be posted.
*Tear Line ALONG THE TAPEAlso doubles as ruler
*Featuring. Multiple colour choices.. No cutting tools needed.. Magnetic on one side, adhesive on the other.. Special adhesive applied to smooth surfaces can beremoved without traces.. Magnetic pairing can be used on glass, wood, and othernon-iron surfaces.
USE. Refrigerators. Filing Cabinets. School Lockers. Munus. Metal Door. Arts & Crafts. Glass or Wood. White Boards. Pictures. Family Notes. Calendars. Children's Artwork. DIY Education Cards. POP & To Do Lists
AWARDEE OF MAJOR INTERNATIONAL INVENTION COMPETIOTONSTW. I 270570 Invention awardGlobal patent under process
Patent No./Country: TW M.292777 Patent Pending in U.S.A, France, Germany,Europe, China, Hongkong, Japan, Korea etc.
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