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Wsken Double Metal Magnetic Charging Cable For Sony

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Wsken Double Metal Magnetic Charging Cable For Sony

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  • 06/26/2015

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1)Magnetic adhesion charging cable (Innovate in the traditional USB cable)
2)The only one mobile phone usb cable using high quality neodymium magnet from USA, which is strongly absorb to your mobile phone charging micro port.
3)Every of the USB cable wire core is using High purity copper of Codelco from Chile. It is more durable and stable than other kinds.
4)The charger pinout and the metal of the USB with 5μm Gold plating, fast charging power.
5)Z1(L39T/L39U/L39H), Z1 mini, Z2 (L50T/L50U/L50W), Z2 table, Z3(L55T/L55W /L55H/L55U), Z3 mini, Z3 table
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