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  • Inquiry For SKL.6VDS 48/42AL-2 Marine Diesel Engine Spare Parts (2)

    Manufacture : SKL Germany, Type: 6VDS 48/42 AL-2, Equipment details: head engine, Ne=2650kW, n=500min¯¹, date:1982, With certificate 1.Cylinder Liner 801-06004, Poz.1 6 pcs 2.Head of cylinder block 801-10003, Poz.1 3 pcs 3.Ring of Cooling liner 801-06005, Poz.2 2 pcs 4.Cylinder head gasket 801-10019, Poz.19 12 pcs 5.O-ring 801-06009, Poz.6 20 pcs 6.O-ring 801-06010, Poz.7 20 pcs 7.Cylinder piston assembly 801-07903, Poz.1-19 3 pcs 8. 801-07015, Poz.17 20 pcs 9. 801-07019, Poz.18 30 pcs 10.Scraper ring 801-07014, Poz.19 24 pcs 11.Pillows Frames 801-02007, Poz.14 12 pcs 12.Pillows Motilal 801-08012, Poz.5 12 pcs 13.Distance piece 801-08028, Poz.2 4 pcs 14.Bearing head 801-08024, Poz.3 4 pcs 15.Pripasovannaya kolodka 801-08007, Poz.11 10 pcs 16.Guide sleeve of the inlet valve 801-11017 16 pcs 17.Guide sleeve of the exhaust valve 801-11033 12 pcs 18.Kapron ring 801-11021, Poz.7 30 pcs 19.Guide traverse of the exhaust valve 801-23003, Poz.3 10 pcs 20.Sorucu 801-23031, Poz.48 10 pcs 21.Traverse of the exhaust valve 801-23008, Poz.8 10 pcs 22.traverse of the intake valve 801-23009, Poz.9 10 pcs 23.Intake valve seat 801-11012, Poz.22 24 pcs 24.Ring rectangular A155/142,6x4 TGL 9996 40 pcs 25.Upper linerof connection rod 801-08010, Poz.4 12 pcs 26.Scale-beam of Exhaust Valve 801-23905 6 pcs 27.Scale-beam of Exhaust Valve 801-23902 6 pcs 28.Exhaust cam 801-21026, Poz.8 2 pcs 29.Exhaust cam 801-21027, Poz.9 2 pcs 30.Starting valve stem 801-12003, Poz.3 12 pcs 31.Equalizing piston 801-12002, Poz.2 10 pcs 32.Pressure piston 801-12001, Poz.1 10 pcs 33.Ring rectangular 80/73,6x2,5 TGL9996 24 pcs 34.Ring rectangular 60/55,2x2 TGL9996 24 pcs 35.Distributive Valve 801-24001, Poz.1 20 pcs 36.Camshaft bearing 801-05068, Poz.1 20 pcs 37.Wavy compensator 801-18007 10 pcs 38.O-ring 500x8, Poz.12 TGL6365 20 pcs 39.O-ring 450x8, Poz.13 TGL6365 40 pcs 40.O-ring 52x5, Poz.14 TGL6365 90 pcs 41.O-ring 150x5, Poz.18 TGL6365 30 pcs 42.O-ring 145x5, Poz.17 TGL6365 30 pcs 43.O-ring 70x3, Poz.16 TGL6365 30 pcs 44.O-ring 20x2, Poz.9 TGL6365 500 pcs 45.O-ring 72x2, Poz.35 TGL6365 30 pcs 46.O-ring 70x2, Poz.36 TGL6365 30 pcs 47.O-ring 60x5, Poz.22 TGL6365 50 pcs 48.O-ring 65x5, Poz.28 TGL6365 50 pcs 49.Nozzle assembly 224.048106-3316 10 pcs 50.Plunger pair 222.115106-73 12 pcs 51. basma Valve 222.129806-64 12 pcs 52.O-ring TGL365 12.097/140 30 pcs 53.hermetic system 223.108706-44 6 pcs 54.Set pressure tubes 222.109806-72 6 pcs 55.Drive pusher DSFP 1F, 224.114206-01 2 pcs 56.Roller pusher 223.018806-83 2 pcs

  • Hiaiwei Is Looking For Series Of Australian Wines

    Haiwei Liquor Trading Market is the only legal international wine trading platform, which is supported by the Ministry of Commerce of PRC. We adopt membership management. After customs clearance, wines from the suppier members are distributed to the outlet centers in every district and county throughout China by us. We discarded the traditional multi-agency trading model and greatly improve wines price quality. We strictly control the direct sale link and keep the original quality of the wines. Now Haiwei Liquor Trading Market has nearly 200 outlet centers. We are going to develop 500 to 1000 outlet centers in two years, so as to develop a nation-wide sales network. Being different with the traditional trading, Haiwei Liquor Trading Market cooperates with the international wineries to explore China market together. If you cooperate with us, we just act as your Representative Office in China. We are now trying to find and select large-scale wineries with sustaining supply ability. From the beginning, we promote and sell wines as the way of brand building. After building brand, your wines can gain long-term development and we both can benefit from that. So we hope the wines you cooperate with Haiwei have never been sold in China, and for these wines you will just work with Haiwei. For further information, just google Haiwei Liquor Trading Market. Or just call us.

  • Nomex Fire Resistant Workwear Fabric

    Nomex Fire Resistant Workwear Fabric

  • Excavator Series : SY335C/SY365C

    ·Having been through CAE-Optimized design and enhanced experiment, the working implement is able to operate in extremely demanding environment. ·Top-brand engine, in line with EU Tier 2 Emission ·Standard, highly efficient with lower fuel concumption. ·The perfectly-matched electric-hydraulic control system ensures better percision, flexibility and efficiency of all operations. ·Box-shaped swing platform grider greatly improves rigidity and crashworthiness. Length (During Transportation) 11015mm Width 3190mm Height (During Transportation) 3315mm

  • Want To Buy ABS PC Waste Plastic Recycling Refrigerator Shell Waste

    Plastic Raw/Recycling/waste/scrap Materials (ABS PS mix )waste plastic recycling from refrigerator shell

  • Looking For Beautiful And Healthy Product (Medicine)

    We need supply of cheaper branded and generic medicines as well as supply of raw materials. We deal in intravenous (IV) medicines. For general medicine we require diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of internal organ diseases. For Intraveneous (IV) we need supplies of anti-cancer, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antibiotic to be more specific, Caspofungin, Infliximab, Insulin etc. We prefer finished formulations but raw material will be considered. Please do separate contact to our various departments specifying your product offer and kindly attach a full product list along with your email.

  • Excavator Series : SY465C

    ·In line with EU Tier 2 Emission Standard and international standard, more powerful with lower fuel consumption. ·Better working capacity in mining areas, less cost of operation and higher investment return. ·Advanced industrial control system makes operation easier and more efficient. ·Brand-new fault diagnosis system extends the period for overhaul and reduces the cost for maintenance. Length (During Transportation) 12200mm Width 3690mm Height (During Transportation) 3880mm

  • Inquiry For SKL.6VDS 48/42AL-2 Marine Engine Spare Parts(1)

    We are looking for the following spare parts. Please give us your best offer with necessary deal terms . Manufacture country : SKL Germany, Type: 6VDS 48/42 AL-2 , Equipment details: left main engine, Ne=2650kW,n=500min¯¹,constraction date:1982, With certificate 1. Crankshaft assembly, Part number: Cod: 801-03902, line: 02.303.1 1set 2. Frame bearing, Part number: Cod: 801-02007, line.: 02.302.1 7 set 3. Flywheel bearing, Part number: cod: 801-02010, line.: 02.302.1 1 set 4. Pillows motilal , Part number: Cod: 801-08012, line: 02.302.1 6 set MRS EMMA

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