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  • مدينة: تايبه جديدة
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  • Shee Line Co., Ltd.
  • Shee Line Co., Ltd.
[كمبني ينفورمأيشن] We are a professional manufacturer of power cord plugs. We have complete plug products from all over the world. Our quality is in compliance with nuclear safety standards. We have been certified by various countries. Shenglin Co., Ltd. was established in 1985 and has more than 30 years of professional manufacturing experience. Can provide you with the products and quality you need, mainly to produce safety power cord sets, plug power cord sets, waterproof joint power wiring sets, NCT stamping, computer power plug cords, and various electronic products AC power plug group design development and manufacturing .
The new plant introduces the AMADA punching machine, which extends to NCT punching, NCT punching and folding machine processing, and produces computer, communication, network and industrial computer casing products.
Complete finished assembly line and professional NCT punching and punching processing, can undertake a variety of production foundry and finished assembly assembly, please contact us.
A good work team creates a top company. If you are looking for a high quality manufacturer, please upgrade your forest to your partner. We hope to create a beautiful vision while working with you.
Austrial Standard Power Cord
England Standard Power Cord
Europe Standard Power Cord
Italy Switzerland Standard Power Cord
Japan Standard Power Cord
USA & Canada Standard Power Cord
Taiwan Bsml Power Cord
Fan Power & Mic Cord
Winding the Line Machine
Auto & Moto Electronic Connecting Wire
Y Cable
(NEMA 5-20P)
(NEMA L5-30P)
(IEC 320 C5)
(IEC 320 C7)
(IEC 320 C13)
(IEC 320 C14)
(IEC 320 C19)
(IEC 320 C20)
(SL-3 x 2)
(SL-7 x 2)
(SL-11 x 2)
(I M Q)
(Hospital Power Cord)
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منتوجات رئيسيّة Power Plugs
منتوج الكلمة المفتاح Power Supply Cord Sets, Plug Connector, Receptacle,NCT punching and punching processing,power wiring sets,AC power plug,safety power cord
يؤسّس داخل 1985
[إإكسبورت مركت] أوروبا,آسيا,وسط شرقيّ,أمريكا شماليّ,[أسنيا],وسط وأمريكا جنوبيّ    
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